Monday, September 23, 2013

A Whimsical Venue - Yesterday Spaces

We found a wedding venue! After searching and searching we narrowed it down to 3 different choices...and after visiting them all we chose Yesterday Spaces in Leicester, NC. It's gorgeous! On my first tour I went with mom...the wedding guru...and we fell in love. She was all over it. The owner has thought through everything! They have a plan for everything...and mom's favorite plan, the rain plan.  They have two barns on the property...the main event barn and the dairy barn.  The dairy barn is the rain plan.

As you pull up to the property there is a huge field on the left for parking and then on the right you turn in to the farm. Immediately off the road (it's a tiny back-road) there is the farm house (that you can rent for family) and the dairy barn.  A bit behind the farm house is the second rental house that was recently purchased...score.  Then you drive up the road the main event barn.  When we toured it was a heavily fogged misty day, but yet it was so enchanting. To get to the ceremony space you walk through a row of gorgeous to the field where the mountains peek up in the background.  There's a lovely tree you can get married under but we might end up doing an arbor...we'll see.

The back-up dairy barn is gorgeous. We're actually going to use it for our rehearsal dinner which we're really excited truck! The barn has some original wood inside which is gorgeous and some dried flowers hanging from the ceiling...and it has a walk-in silo...what?!?! So neat!

The main event barn is gorgeous...the porches have beautiful log posts in a rich color. When you enter, the whole barn area is strung up with lights. The walls and floors are all a lovely oak wood and they have gorgeous hand-made oak round tables for us to use.  The whole barn (inside and out) is hooked to a sound system that you can control personally...ipod wedding. So easy!  They have 2 kitchens (one upstairs and one down) and our favorite part? Gorgeous bathrooms!! Beautiful hammered sinks and hand-made stall doors...they didn't miss a detail.

Downstairs are the stalls...and yes they have animals :) They had a donkey and mini pony when we visited and they said they were getting some llamas! So excited! You can go downstairs (and music is there too!) and pet the animals and most people set up a photo booth below. Pretty cool!

They also have an event field outside with a fire we will definitely be playing some lawn games (I hear Andrews uncle has lawn darts...oh dear) and cooking up some smores and late night weenies!

I am so so excited! Things are coming together :) Now to figure out attire, photographer, caterer, and all the other little details...we have some good I'll keep you posted.

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