Sunday, January 26, 2014

Something Old - The Wedding Dress

For months and months I was looking for the perfect wedding dress...something a bit un-traditional. Something flowy, yet fitted, with an interesting design...preferably a dress that was off white. I looked high and low and finally found it. The one. It was a gorgeous dress from Free People and I immediately texted my best friend (who was also engaged) to show her and get her opinion. And then, the one in a million chance...happened. She had found that same dress and wanted it too. So we decided to share it (great idea at the time).  We ordered the dress and as time went on, I started to get a bit uneasy about sharing a dress...especially when I thought about Andrew seeing it on someone else on their big day before seeing it on me.  So I started to retreat, and decided to let her keep it (I would post a pic but I would hate to give it away for here's an example of the feel I was looking for).

From there, something absolutely perfect happened. On August 4th, 2013, Andrew and I went over to his grandmothers house to visit. She lived in town close to us so we visited her regularly. It was a normal visit...we did our laundry, hung out on the back porch with everyone, and talked about my wedding dress worries...and then grandma asked me to try on her wedding dress.  I was a bit shocked!  I had never seen it, and had no idea what to expect...but I figured, sure, why not. When I saw the dress I realized it was definitely unconventional! A lovely pink sequined fitted deeeep V neck dress.  My mom said it was "very Dallas"...I guess from the old tv show.  The dress fit like a glove, all except that grandma was only about 5ft tall and I'm 5'7". She loved it on me and offered to give it to me for my own dress...

Months before we had went to the Big Day Wedding Festival in Asheville and found this awesome dress designer called Ship to Shore. Brooke, the designer, had done a consultation with me at the festival to see if I would be interested in having my dress made.  She was fantastic, but I wasn't sure so her business card was put in my wedding resources drawer. So grandma and I talked about her and how she would be perfect to re-design the dress for me and make it work for my I set up an appointment and got really excited about having an heirloom that was re-designed just for me.

Sadly, just a few days after she gave me the dress on August 7th, grandma passed away unexpectedly. She was such a light in my life and it was so hard to say goodbye. She had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and had some complications when the port for chemo was put in. A day later, she was gone.  I feel so blessed to have known her and had her in my life, and sooo thankful that I was able to get to know her to the point that she felt comfortable enough to offer me her wedding dress.  It's one of the most amazing ways to have her there and a big part of the wedding, like we had always wanted. Oh how I miss her...

So on a happy note, I have a dress :) The perfect dress!  We've taken it to Brooke at Ship to Shore and so far I've had 3 fittings with my mom and Andrew's mom helping push the vision the whole way through.  We've decided to add some sheer fabric over the dress to make it a bit more flowy and less pink.  We're switching out the lace in the front panel...and we're cutting out the back.  We're also either taking off the sleeves, or doing a sheer sleeve...not sure just yet.  And of course, extending the length. I've found the best shoes EVER from Free People that are a burgundy leather with lace ups (I'm not going to give away too much) that I'm overly ecstatic about.  I'm also going to have some fun rock and gemstone jewelry and a flower crown like I've wanted since I was a little girl.  I can't wait to post the photos of the end results! So there ya have it...I have a dress...and it's going to be the most beautiful and meaningful dress I could have. I love you grandma!

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