Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sandy Beaches and Turkish Bazaars

So since I'm documenting the wedding planning process, I figured, why not bring the honeymoon planning process here for everyone to follow along with as well? :)

Andrew and I were thinking about going to Thailand for the longest time. Exotic beaches, ancient ruins, a completely different culture...Sounded great! But then the more we thought about it, and how we're going to (sometime in the near future) move to that side of the world (to New Zealand), we thought, ehh, maybe we'll do something closer to home.

Out of that...somehow...we came Greece and Turkey! Not exactly close to home, but still quite awesome! Andrew has a think for ancient history and said he would love to go to Istanbul one I started looking in to it and thinking, that woouuld be quite cool. The culture, the food, the bazaars (shoppinggg!).  So Istanbul it was! But I was fixated on those white sandy I looked at the map and noticed Greece isn't too far away! Why not?! So there you go. As of now, we've decided Greece first, for a few days of ruins and beach side relaxation, Turkey second.

There are so many interesting places we want to see in each country! I've been hunting all over Pinterest and Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor to see where we should start. So over the next few months I'm going to be looking around and figuring out where we want to go...and attempting to document it all here. I'll be sure to post links to sights, suggestions, and planning tips I've come across :) And if you have any suggestions FOR me, please please please post in a comment! I've never been there, so any insight will be lovely.

I'm getting so exciting! This will surely be an adventure!

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