Sunday, April 20, 2014

Yay for Wedding Rings!

So I've been engaged since January of 2013. Andrew asked me to marry him with a beautiful ring that his grandmother gave us.  The ring was initially meant to be place holder until I found something I wanted (because Andrew know's I'm picky) but after months and months of searching I just couldn't make a decision on what to buy! At the beginning of the hunt I found a gorgeous ring...the ring that I thought was "the one"...along with a few other ones I also thought were worthy of my I emailed the company and asked for a quote and what they sent back made me cringe. $4,500-10,000 depending on the stones. Ummmmm no thanks. Sooooo I decided, maybe not...I can find something else.

After months and months of antique hunting and shopping online I found some that were ok, some that I really liked but wouldn't size well, and just recently I found a beautiful ring that was way within my price range so I decided to purchase it.  Got the ring, not in love. So I sent it back. The ring was lovely, but my fingers are really small and the setting just felt weird. I was starting to feel defeated.

The gorgeous ring I originally wanted from Mociun
A few weekends ago I went up to the mountains to visit my family and celebrate my best friends birthday. I woke up early on Saturday (thank you dogs) and decided to go take my dog for a walk downtown with my mom. We got over there a bit before anything opened and wandered through the windy, freezing, streets of Hendersonville. As we were walking through, mom noticed a woman setting up the window display in a jewelry store, so she knocked on the window and made some crazy hand motions asking what time they opened. Five minutes. So we went to put the dog in the car, drove around to the store, and decided to take a look.

The girl in the store was extremely nice, Lindsey at Shelleys Jewelry, and she showed us allll around the store pointing out the pieces I might like. After looking through everything she came to the conclusion that what I wanted was something unique and told me all kinds of antique stores I could check out. She said she was the Santa on Miracle on 34th St. who tells everyone to go somewhere else. I told her that I knew what I wanted - I just didn't way to pay for it...A beautiful designer in New York makes these gorgeous rings that I just can't afford (photo above). So I took out my phone to show her a picture and she said..."Oh we can do something like that!"

The inspiration for my band
So it was decided...they're going to make my dream ring (for a fraction of the cost)! I went home and immediately started planning my ring. My mom has a gorgeous diamond that belonged to a family member, and after asking the boys for their permission, they agreed I could use it! So I'm going to do a gorgeous diamond in the center with some turquoise (my favorite!!), a tourmaline on the side, and some sapphires trickling along the sides. They're also going to create a band for me...probably one like this one that's simple with little etches in the gold.

So there ya have it!  In a a few weeks I'm going in to town to approve the final stones and have Andrew give his stamp of approval. From there, they will get to work!  I don't want to give away too much...but keep an eye out for my photoshoot from Fox and Owl Studios at the end of May...the ring will be done by then! So excited!

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