Thursday, May 1, 2014

SE Asia, Here We Come!

So there's been a change of plans...After years of hoping, I've finally been chosen to go on a monitoring and evaluation trip with my job at Stop Hunger Now!  But there was a problem...or well, a hurdle...I'm getting married in the fall.  They wanted to send me to SE Asia, specifically to Vietnam and Cambodia, but the director of Vietnams program was only going to be there from the end of September to the beginning of honeymoon dates.  After thinking about it and talking with Andrew...we decided to make some big changes to our plans to visit Greece and Turkey and attach our honeymoon on to my monitoring and evaluation trip to SE Asia!
The plan is to leave after the wedding and head straight to Vietnam. We'll do some evaluation visits with our amazing partners at Children of Vietnam and take a few days for touring around. From there, we'll fly over to Cambodia to visit our partners through Reach Now International. We'll be there for about a week since these partners are ones we haven't visited before.  I cannot WAIT to see Angor Wat! So excited! 

The last stop will be Thailand...specifically for our honeymoon.  We haven't determined the itinerary just yet but I have a feeling we will be staying somewhere in Phuket...gorgeous. The hotels are absolutely amazing and cost wayyyy too little. I am particularly excited about riding an elephant!!!! Andrew is excited about going to some shooting range he heard of to shoot off crazy guns....That will be interesting. 

The whole thing is just so overwhelming. I can't believe we're going to get to go to SE Asia! It was the orignial plan to go to Thailand but we decided the flights were just too expensive. With this - I have most of my way (besides Thailand) paid for by Stop Hunger all we pay for is Andrew's flight and food. It's going to be hard working doing all of the planning, evaluating, and follow-up reports...but talk about a life changing experience!  I'm SO excited to share this with Andrew. It will be my first trip seeing our Stop Hunger Now meals in action and I get to share it with the person I love most in the world. I feel beyond blessed.  Tune in for more updates on our trip planning! Yay SE Asia!

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