Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 Steps to Find The Perfect Ring

So after almost a year and a half of searching, I finally have it - my perfect wedding ring! It was a long journey (as described in this post) but it's finally here and on my finger! So I thought I would take a moment and jot down what I learned from this experience so that I could pass on my "wisdom".  Here are the top 5 things I learned when hunting for the perfect ring...

1) Don't go with the first thing you find...or even the second or third...give yourself some time to think about it.  If you can't stop thinking about a certain ring, and it's been a few months, that's it.  When you find "the one", find a way...because you won't stop thinking about it...ever.

2)   Take some time to find some alternative options that might help with the price - ex: hire a local jeweler to recreate it using alternate metals, stones types, smaller stones, or maybe different colored stones.

3) Make it an investment. Now I didn't pay what some might say is "normal" pricing for a ring (the average cost in the US is apparently $5,200)...I was happily on a budget...however, I did decide at the end that my expectations were unreasonable and I needed to splurge just a tad to get something I wouldn't ever want to take off. So I spent a bit more, but I know I wouldn't change a thing about the final product.  I also took advantage of heirlooms so that helped a ton with the price ;)

4) Involve your family and fiance in the decision.  If your fiance decides to let you choose, then invite everyone to be a part of the process! I really enjoyed discussing ideas with family and friends and having a support group. If your family is overly opinionated, or doesn't get your style, then you might not want to do this...but I really enjoyed everyone's input.

5) Trust your jeweler! Maybe the stones you love won't work well in everyday jewelry, or maybe that setting won't look good on your finger...who knows...just trust them.  They do this for a living, so they know what they are doing :) A good jeweler will work with you to find the best thing for you in your price range.

So there ya have it. I finally found the ring :) I'm so glad that I stuck to what I wanted and didn't settle...and I'm so glad I don't have to ever take this ring off...YAY!

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